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A few of Harold's Plumbing's past clients:
On Jul 14, 2015, at 6:03 PM, [email protected]
Hi Harold,
Thanks for your help. As I mentioned there are a few airators missing, one toilet has the flush valve off, and is loaded (if you know what I mean). I walked most of the job, I would like to walk with you or your plumber to finalize everything so I can sign off on your work. I found working with you and your company was a pleasure, very professional and timely.
Thank you.
Jim Bissuett, PM
Ariva Contracting
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  • Tri-Sun Nursing Homes
  • Heights On Huebner Nursing Homes
  • Phyliss Browning Realtors
I have known Harold Durst for a good many years, we went to school together, and the pleasure the pleasure of knowing his family as well, and can truly say that Harold comes from a long line of hard working and honest folks. He is a true optimist and it is his positive attitude that helps him accomplish whatever task he takes on. Harold is a complete go-getter who will go that extra-mile to give his best to any job undertaken. Moreover, he not only makes sure that the projects are completed on time, but makes sure that there is no margin for error. Above all his professional qualities and achievements, the thing that I admire the most in Harold is that he is a good human being. His helpful nature is not restricted to matters of work, but is extended to personal life as well.
Victor Quintanilla
About a year ago, one of my stores was having plumbing issues in Spring Branch. One call and hours later it was fixed. And it didnt cost me an arm and a leg. I highly recommend Harold plumbing. Great Guy. Great company.
Fred Garcia
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